Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Higher Bands

The 15-mm and higher amateur microwave bands represent truly challenging and unpioneered frontiers in communications. Until recent times, the prime drawback to amateur operations in this range has been a lack of available gear, parts, and technical information.

Again, Microwave Associates of Burlington, Massachusetts, has recognized this situation and provided a means of ' operation. Special Gunnplexers for 24 GHz and (upon special order) 48 GHz are available for less than the cost of many 2-meter transceivers. This inspiring challenge can open new doors for amateurs, and firmly establish those involved as pioneers ini microwave history. What else could one ask? Yes, today 's Golden Age of Radio is alive and well-particularly in the unpioneered regions of microwave communications! See Fig. 1-5.

Fig. 1-5. Author Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, makes preliminary focal-point adjustments in a 10-GHz Gunnplexer and 3.5-foot dish antenna to be used in a microwave link . The system is capable of relaying amateur high-frequency band signals or amateur television (ATV) signals.